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Recipes for Different Types of Edible Slime

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Almost all recipes of slime are non-toxic. However, that does not indicate that the slime or ingredients taste good. To know more edible slime mixtures, keep on reading this article. The following slimes are safe to eat, although, it’s not a guarantee that they will taste good.  

Edible Ectoplasm Slime 

This recipe is the slimiest among all the edible slimes. If you are planning to munch the slime, refrain from utilizing ingredients that are glow-in-the-dark, since it can change the slime’s taste. Moreover, such ingredient is not safe for you to eat. Edible Ectoplasm Slime has a bit of flavor, however, you could incorporate more if you want. It is okay to put some powdered drink mix to help enhance the taste of the recipe.  

Delicious Edible Slime 

With this recipe, you can make an edible slime that tastes quite similar to a pudding. This slime is sweet and you can add some flavor to it like coconut, lemon, vanilla, or any type of food flavor you want. The slime’s base is a white opaque color. But, you can add food coloring to its base to create it in any color you would prefer to have. Delicious Edible Slime is made of sweet condensed milk, which makes the slime a dessert. This recipe is perfect for any kid party. Make sure to clean it up using warm water. 

Edible Goo Slime 

This recipe consists of water and cornstarch, hence, there is not much about it in terms of its taste. Due to its viscoelastic properties, it is a slime that’s enjoyable to play with. Squeeze this slime and it will turn hard and if you attempt to pour the slime, it will flow. Cool right?  

Chocolate Slime 

A Choco slime’s color is brown. Meaning, you do not have as several color choices compared to other edible slime types. But, making this is worth it since the slime actually tastes similar to chocolate. The recipe consists of chocolate syrup. If you want, you can substitute this with a hot cocoa mix or cocoa powder. If you don’t want the Choco variant, you can make it different by substituting the chocolate syrup and using caramel ice cream or butterscotch as your topping.  

Edible Electroactive Slime 

This slime is unique and very interesting since it can react to an electrical charge, such as a piece of Styrofoam, plastic comb, or a charged balloon, which seems like it has its own life. This slime recipe basically consists of vegetable oil and cornstarch. Hence, it is totally fine to eat it. But, it is not as tasty as the other slime recipes. Sure, you can incorporate some flavor to it, but most people don’t like to eat it due to its oily texture.  

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